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VITia CARE started with a very simple idea: helping patients with chronic and complex diseases to live better 


Patients with these diseases face numerous challenges for your care andadapt to your new lifestyle; said challenges, among others, include emotional aspects,coordination of care (between doctors, caregivers, family, etc.) handle medications And some others. 


Our approach to supporting patients is the result of 50 years of combined experience in which we have listened to patients, their family and doctors, health institutions, payers and many actors involved around the patient, which has led us to understand each of their needs. 


To achieve a good quality of life, it is important that the patient take control oftheirdiseasethat empower.  Empowerment is achieved covering three aspects: 

Education1 - Develop the knowledge necessary to make informeddecisions 

Skill2 - Developskillstheir to manage your illness on a day-to-day basis 

Teamwork3 -Trabajatheir in conjunction with your physicians, patient organizations, and other healthcare providers in your ecosystem 


We are a group of passionate people dedicated to patients and using technology as a means to help them and their families live happier and healthier lives. We are ready to help you on this journey!

It wasn't until my wife was diagnosed with a complex illness that I experienced the real issues that patients and their families face.

Fernando Silva

Founder & CEO

The difficulty of accepting the new condition and understanding how it would affect our lives, the complexity of having agile communication and the frequent setbacks to be able to have the medicines when they are needed.

All of this led me to think about the need to create a solution that, based on the new technology available, helped all patients and their families to live healthier and happier lives.


VP of Patient Support

Jes is the VITia CARE personification of patient care. Before VITia CARE, she was the Coordinator of Distance Medicine of the Federal District Secretary of Health, where she implemented the care and monitoring protocols for the population of Mexico City on health issues and designed patient care manuals for the programs Adherence to treatment, helping to increase adherence from 50 to 80 percent.

Jes has a degree in Psychology from the Faculty of Higher Studies Zaragoza of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, with the thesis "Factors of abandonment to treatment in chronic patients", and is currently studying the 7th Bimester of the master's degree in Education, where one of the training axes is the online and face-to-face web education methodology.

Vanessa Ortiz SN

VP of of Content

Vane is our social media expert. Before VITia CARE, he collaborated with Allergan, Actavis and Ferring Pharmaceuticals, where he launched the “Baby at Home” campaign, recruiting more than 10,000 couples, for which he was recognized as the most successful program in Latin America. It also achieved recognition as the "Best Practice" globally for a training program for nurses and doctors in obstetric emergencies in government hospitals.

Vane has a degree in Advertising from the Pedregal Center for the Study of Communication Sciences and a photographer from the Active School of Photography.

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