What is VITia CARE?

It is a digital solution to help patients suffering from chronic and complex diseases and their families to improve their lives, accompanying them in their care.

We help you learn from your illness and share key information with your doctor, family and caregivers, we remind you of taking your medications, we have a team of health coaches ready to help.

Weare part of a health ecosystem in which patients, their families and caregivers and their doctors have access to products and services receiving great benefits through our program Rewards.

We help our patients with chronic and complex diseases achieve the optimal treatment according to your doctor's instructions.

In our platform VITia CARE, You and your family and / or caregivers can keep a diary of how you feel, check the status of taking your medications and medical appointments.

Your doctor will be able to have up-to-date information on your state of health, which he can check whenever he needs it and which will help him assess how your disease has evolved.

You can also have support from our Health Coaches, health professionals who will accompany you, offering you guidance and information about your disease and its care, and helping you to better follow-up so that you can feel calm every day.

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